January 14th, 2015


Connecting your light with the light behind the world.

Your light shines with the individual moment-by-moment decision to give more to and take less from another. When you and another meet together in this connection, a light shines from behind the world. It is this connection that gives light to the world. Your connection together, in whatever its form, gives light to culture and values. Culture and values only live in light. All light, as mentioned, is both static and dynamic in its nature. Light propagates (reproduces) itself through its two equal yet opposing forces. It can be said that light is a static/dynamic balance between two equal yet opposing forces. Your every thought/action is balanced—in its connection with another. Your every thought/action is wealth producing—in its connection with another. Balance and connection are one. Connection and love are one. Love and wealth are one. Within the connection is the perfect separation/expression of balance, wealth, and love. Within the separation is the connection. One is not without the other; both are needed for either to be. Know light as your love with your equal and opposite sexual other half right now. (Page 196)

Wealth Plus+ Empowering Your Everyday! © 2014

wealthplusA metaphysics for wealth creation. In a world that is losing its way, the author reminds us of the principles required for wealth creation. Wealth does not just fall out of trees but must be exactly abstracted to bring it forth. There are metaphysical laws to which we must adhere. –228 pages © 2013

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