November 21st, 2014


The Case Against Man and Woman

Provocative screenplay called the “Atlas Shrugged of our times” takes on conflicting world views and defends a philosophy that stands up for…life

The Case Against Man and Woman transcends your ordinary lawsuit, warns the author. Among other topics, it explores conflicting world views regarding sexuality and religion, the evolving understanding of hate speech and hate crimes, and the unsettling notion that any expression of one’s core values can be considered an assault on another’s core values. Ultimately, it puts on trial the author’s belief that man and woman balance is the center of all life.

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The Case Against Man and Woman

The author’s original screenplay on the battle of ideas, the war of world views, and a philosophy on trial. What will be your verdict concerning The Case Against Man and Woman? 191 pages © 2014

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Read Full Press Release [PDF Version] – [HTML Version]



This is not your ordinary case, is it?


Not at all.


I have never put a philosophy on trial… Okay. What I think we are going to need are expert witnesses. We need to discredit his positions–so he comes off looking like some type of zealot or homophobe. We will need to discredit him philosophically–this man and woman position, ah, and religiously too. That will carry a lot of weight. Can you get authorities in these areas?


I’m on it.

(Pages 32-33)


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