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Man, Woman and God

Man, Woman and God

Excerpt From the Book: The spiritual connection is our linkage to life over time. Each of us is born out of the unity of a man and a woman. And so, we are forever linked to them. They are our parents who have bestowed life upon us. As we grow up, we begin to become aware of the other. Hopefully, we find our other, and from that unity comes another birth of life, a child. A man and a woman will always be linked to their children. No beginning, no ending, just connecting—in life. And if perhaps you have not found your opposite other in this life, then hold to his or her spirit within you and know that everyone will have his or her time as is the balance. (Page 26)

The tragedy of life isn’t just that we do not know life. The tragedy is also that we do not know how to live life. Creative balance is the answer as to how to live life. And so I say to man, come home to your metaphysical (sexual) essence and embrace your metaphysical need of woman. And woman, come home to your sexual essence and embrace your need of man. You see, in life what we need is each other. All a man really wants and needs is a woman who believes in him and will receive him. All a woman wants and needs is a man who will love and care for her. Our underlying metaphysical need for each other is what we ought to embrace. (Page 34)

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(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Man, Woman, and God”)


Book Description:

There is a great misunderstanding today concerning the natures of man and of woman, and of the essence of God. This may be the cause of our human relations problem. The purpose of this writing is to clarify this misunderstanding thereby allowing us to know and experience man, woman, and God. — 85 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

In order to know God, we are going to have to make the paradigm shift from the conception of a one force to a two forces. We just cannot know God in the one-force model of consciousness that has encircled us since day one. Any one-force conception results in an imbalance between the parts, one part equated superior to the other. In our religions, “God” is projected as the superior part and, we are told, we need an intermediary to find “God.” But we cannot find God in our various religions of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Not even in today’s New Age movement can God be found. God is balance and balance results when we hold ourselves in a relationship of equal and opposite creative value with our sexual other half. (Page 50)

We find and express God at each moment that we give of our lives, one to the other. So give all of yourself to your other half and, in that moment, that one blessed moment, God will be revealed unto you—and to your other—as the light of your love together. (Page 52)

The one law of God is creative balance. The one universal law of life is the creative balance between male and female. This is a two-force universe of male and female individualization and unification. It is simply held together by the balance of these two sexual forces. Creative balance is itself the ultimate design of nature. The experience or expression of God (life) is that of creative balance (love). (Page 54)


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